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The 3D Architectural animation is a video that helps you to present your projects in a clear and realistic manner, displaying all the architectural and infrastructural features of the project. 3D Architectural animations are used in presentations, advertising campaigns on TV and all over the internet.

3D animation videos of real estate is the most advanced way to present a planned project, that only exists on paper so far. A 3D animation video also enhances the start of an effective advertising campaign for a not yet completed real project.
This is an undisputable advantage over to the usual promotion videos that only work with already finished projects.

Nowadays, with an animation anything can be illustrated, thanks to the state of the art technology. Our creative animations team will design for you the exact movie you desire – starting with the draft until the completion of the video


3D animations are a must-have for all who want to market architectural complexes, residential districts, residential buildings or single houses, using the latest technology.
Our target clients are mainly building developer, realtors, architecture firms, advertising agencies, project developers and public institutions.


The high-end 3D animation videos enable you to present your projects in the most appealing way, to advertise your real estate on the market and to stand out from the competition.
Our task is not only to ‘show a video’ but also to boost the entire project.

With our animation videos we also assist the project development and support you to shorten the investment cycle.


3D visualizations and 3D animation videos of real estate projects provide a high level of reliability and attention to detail, that help to reduce unwanted mistakes during the planning phase and reduce costs that can occur during the construction phase.


Firstly, you win time. Using the 3D technology you will be able to market your real estate before the start of construction.


Secondly, you can push your company to an even higher professional level. Due to the higher presence on the market the clients and investors are more willing to invest into your real estate.


Thirdly, this type of advertisement is a great move from a profitable point of view. According to the prevailing trade statistics a potential client trusts a 3D animation more than a conventional advertisement. Therefore, a 3D animation video increases sales and the interest of the users towards your product. Hence, you do not only invest on the 3D animation videos, but also into your future success.

3D Animation Videos: Price and other conditions

When discussing any kind of services the question of price in inevitable since it is important for all parties equally. A 3D animation video is surely affordable for an average client. However, its price is a complex topic that is influenced by several points:


Creating a scenario: The 3D animation video represents a Mini-Cartoon with a certain story line. The script represents a specific phase of the entire project.


Complexity and amount of work: They depend on the quantity of the modelling projects, their complexity, the amount of elements and the different textures as well as the subsequent rendering.


Sound design of the video: the right music adds value to a high-end video and therefore increases its efficacy. Some clients prefer to choose their own music, however, the majority of clients leave the choice of music to the professionals.


Length of the animation video: it should have a sufficient length, but not excessively long. Our experienced specialists recommend the optimal timing, taking the particularities of the your project into account.


Urgency of the order: High efficiency, like everything else, comes at a price.

All the above topics will be discussed individually and adjusted to the clients’ budget.

3D animation video for YOU

Our many years of experience in graphic designing and many successfully completed projects are an assurance for high quality collaboration.
Due to the fact that each order has its individual compilation of aspirations and ideas, our collaboration always starts with a joint meeting and a subsequent analysis of the materials provided.
After agreeing on the main points the project work process begins.
It will be completed consistently on time and set at reasonably affordable prices.

Stages of work in our studio


In this phase we analyze the provided documents, evaluate the scope of work, and submit to you, the client, a quote including the processing time.


After a written agreement about the costs and conditions, and an advanced payment we start the project.


We develop a project draft and send it to you for correction. If there are no change requests we will finish the project as planned.


We hand over the finished project to you for your use.